I felt old… Moment

Me and my cousins, we used to meet at our Aunt's house for weekends when I was a kid. . . *Fast forward.. 12 yrs later..!* Presently, my Aunt has grandsons mature enough they could talk. A month ago, when I went to their place, they began calling me Uncle..! That is the point at which... Continue Reading →


Random Stranger..

This incident happened when I was interning at Hyderabad, India. One fine day, I was walking back home from the office. An elderly man, in his 60s, came to me and narrated his story that he came from a distant city to meet his nephew and being robbed by someone. As a result, he lost... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Internship Interview

Round 1 : (1hr 15 min) Online test on CoCubes contains 3 Coding Questions 1) Find the number of times “carry” is 1 while performing addition on two numbers Input: 56 99 Output: 3 2) Given an array of integers, shift all the numbers that are ‘-ve’ to the left and ‘+ve’ to the right... Continue Reading →

CS Resources

PROGRAMMING/ INTERNSHIP & PLACEMENT INTERVIEWS: PRACTICE GEEKSFORGEEKS INTERVIEW BIT GURMEET PUZZLES LEETCODE Resources Blog COMPANY WISE INTERVIEW EXPERIENCES SPOJ GATE: http://gatecse.in/ NPTEL VIDEO LECTURES(YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJjC1hn78yZqTf0vdTC6wAQ/playlists https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA6yfpYhy5sWMjRGOT-OAIQ/playlists Past yrs' papers http://quiz.geeksforgeeks.org/gate-cs-in-past/ http://quiz.geeksforgeeks.org/gate-corner-2/ COMPILERS: COMPILERS NPTEL IIT Kanpur AHO ULLMAN SETHI DRAGON BOOK Dragon Book Solutions DATA STRUCTURES & ALGORITHMS: CS210 & CS345 SLIDES DATABASE SYSTEMS: BOOK: DATABASE MANAGEMENT... Continue Reading →

Strange Experience In Flight

This happened 2 years ago. Basically, I am a South-Indian, studying in North India. I am not really fluent in Hindi at that time. I had to travel from Chennai to Mumbai and then from Mumbai to Lucknow as we don’t have direct flights. After my 1st half of the journey, I had to move... Continue Reading →

The Bigg Picture

Students from all over the country(INDIA) after their X std. aspire to get into IIT, mostly because of the compulsion from their environment to pursue Engg. as an option. So, to achieve their dreams, they pack their bags and pick a train to Kota as we know Rajasthan as the IIT coaching hub of India... Continue Reading →

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